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ACMS Commercial Direct

Our Lending Program Consists of Both Core, Streamline and Bankable Loans Which Our Secured On The MBS Market!!! 

ACMS 1100 — Core Program

Loan Amounts: $200,000 to $5,000,000
Property Types: Multifamily 5+ units, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Light Industrial, and Self-Storage
Lending Areas:
Nationwide except – AK, ND, SD Min. Credit Score: Generally 650 (<650 case-by-case)
Index: 6-Mo. LIBOR Personal Recourse: Required
Margin: 4.00% Rate Buydown: Available
Rate Caps: 1.00%/1.00%/6.00% lifetime Rate Lock: Rates not locked until loan docs are drawn
Floor: Initial Rate Loan Fee: 0.50%-1.50% (dependent on loan size and complexity)
Prepayment: Step Down: Ex. 5,4,3,2,1 Loan Fee covers processing, underwriting and docs

ACMS 1110 — Streamline Program

• Loan Amounts: $200,000 to $3,000,000
• No tax returns required for Borrower or Guarantor(s) — (Investor Properties Only)
– Owner Occupied properties need tax returns for business only
• 3 mos. Bank Statements to support liquidity and rent collection
• Additional Items Needed:

– Current Borrower and Guarantor financial statement
– Credit Report
– 4506-T Only

ACMS 5500 — Bankable Program

Property type(s):

    • Multi-family 5 or more units (Primary Focus)

    • Mixed-use (Primary Focus) *must have minimum of 5 Apartments

    • Office (limited)

    • Industrial (limited)

    • Retail (limited)

    • NO new construction

    • NO Condo or Co-Op financing available


Loan amount(s):

    • $500,000.00 –  $25,000,000.00+

    • Purchase and Refinance transactions

    • NO lines of credit are offered at this time

    • Allowable cash out will be based on the strength of the borrower and deal specifics


Loan to Value:

    • 75% Maximum for Refinance & Purchase money transactions


Debt Service:

    • 1.15 - 1.20x minimum all guideline decisions are based on overall deal structure